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Fired Works

Make at home glass art dish workshop


This kit contains all you need to create one of these stunning dishes (apart from a kiln - we'll do the firing for you)

Kit includes glass base 15 x 15cms
Assortment of glass frits (crushed glass)
Stringers and glass pebbles (flower garden kit)
Paper instructions including a link to video instructions
Fixing spray/PVA glue for setting your work
Return postage label

Follow the instructions to create your masterpiece, package up and send back to us for firing. We'll fire and send back to you. It's as easy as that!

Please allow approximately 3 weeks from posting your unfired piece back to receiving the finished dish. We will endeavour to fire as quickly as possible and most are being shipped back within a week.

Not suitable for children under 8.
8 to 16 year olds must be supervised