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Fired Works

Make At Home Glass Art Workshops

£6.00 - £27.00

Lockdown has us all uncertain in regards to plans, and our in person workshops are often whim to government regulations. We are delighted to offer our very own Make At Home Glass Art Workshops!

Within each kit is contained everything you need to make 3 glass decorations at home: (Minus the kiln)

3 glass blanks in different shapes
6 pots of coloured glass
Assorted glass stringers
Return address label and stamps

Once you have completed your workshop, make sure to carefully package everything back up and deliver it in person or by post to Fired Works, where the glass will be fired in the kiln and sent back to you.

Choose from assorted shapes with rainbow colours or Valentines - 3 hearts with glass in reds and pinks

(Once I receive all equipment back: glue pots, clean paintbrush, leftover glass in their pots you will be refunded £3)