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Fired Works

Environment Policy

Fired Works is committed to protecting the environment and are working hard to fight climate change

We've partnered with are are pleased to say that we are a climate positive workforce.  We've achieved this by planting over 800 trees as well as offsetting over 27tonnes of carbon.  You can see our forest and the environmental projects that we have supported here

We have reviewed our packaging and have made the switch to compostable cellophane for our keepsake cards (we still have some legacy products which we will use up first) We've moved from lamitated and foil printed bags to hand stamped paper bags and tissue paper.  We have also started to make the change from plastic packaging tape to paper. 

We are doing much more in the background, including reviewing all of our suppliers and distributors environmental policies - are they using green energy for example.  This includes our web hosting and email marketing software.  We're also working with our glass manufacturers to understanding the carbon footprint of producing glass to the point it gets to me to fuse.

We are tied into a business electricity contract until 2024 but they claim to be Britains biggest generator of zero carbon electricity. I will review again once my contract is nearing its renewal date

We only have Fair Trade tea, coffee and sugar and we also stock a range of Fair Trade and eco friendly recycled silver jewellery.